Trail Map

No one likes to get lost..... So here's a Map

seven lakes snowmobile club trail mapNote: This is a small portion of our 2012 trail map. You need to purchase a full size map and note any possible caution or danger areas before attempting to navigate unfamiliar trails. Many of our trails use lakes as connectors; and as with any bodies of water they DO NOT FREEZE EVENLY due to springs and moving current, so be extremely cautious when traversing ANY ice.

There is a tunnel under the railroad on Corridor 22 (formerly known as the "K" trail) which many of the newer and wider sleds will not pass through; this is limited also in height. There is a new trail "Dick Doyle Memorial Trail (extension of Corr 22) that allows you to avoid the tunnel or running over lakes. To go directly to PRP you still need to pass thru the tunnel.

Trails or connectors may be temporarily or permanently closed during the season - they will be signed accordingly. If a trail is not signed you use it at your own risk as we probably do not have landowner permission and you may be tresspassing.

Maps may be found at many local businesses in the Wakefield area. They are available at Rochester Sports, Moose Mountain Recreation Area, Canoe King, Miss Wakefield Diner, Seven Lakes Provisions, Country Goods & Groceries, and The New Deal.

Drive safely, keep right and watch for our trail groomers. The Tuckers take up most of the trail and they are much larger and heavier than your sled.

NHSA Interactive Trail Map